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As a designer, I take pride in delivering high quality visuals that are both engaging and effective. With a multitude of mediums at my disposal, I can cater to a variety of design needs, whether for personal or commercial use. I fully understand the power of visual communication and I work hard to create designs that evoke the intended emotions. My clients appreciate my ability to deliver unique designs that are tailored to their specific needs and requirements, that when executed, speak for them in a visually pleasing manner that highlights brand & individual identities.


Knowhere Studios is undergoing a significant transformation, and their new website is a reflection of this dynamic shift. The website was designed with a focus on maintaining the studio's strong brand identity, ensuring a seamless user experience (UX), and fostering effective collaboration with the client.

Project Includes: User Experience & Interface Design, Project Management, Graphic Design, Website Design, Brand Identity


Designing a jersey for the Boston OneWheel EUC (Electric Unicycle) racing team was an exciting project that combined elements of client discovery, logo creation, and the development of a jersey that met both safety and branding requirements. This project allowed for a creative and collaborative approach to deliver a final product that the team could proudly wear.

Project Includes: Client Communication & Discovery, Brand Identity, Graphic Design, Project Management

MK V Dive helmet | 3d sculpture

Creating a 3D model and sculpture of a vintage dive helmet was an intricate project that demanded a high level of historical accuracy and attention to detail. This project, which became an award-winning piece in my college class, is now a distinguished part of the University of Massachusetts' 3D Modeling, Animation & Game Arts portfolio and showcase.

Project Includes: 3D Modeling, 3D Sculpture, Texturing, Rendering, UV Mapping, Lighting

Sea Witch | Character & 3d Design

Creating a 3D character model of a sea witch was a multifaceted project that involved conceptualization, detailed digital illustration, and meticulous translation into a 3D model. This project demonstrated a comprehensive character creation process from initial sketches to a fully realized 3D character, showcasing creativity and technical skills.

Project Includes: Character Creation, 3D Modeling, 3D Sculpture, Texturing, Rendering, Rigging, UV Mapping, Lighting, Illustration

Hasbro | CSP

Hasbro's Content Services Portal (CSP) website has been a comprehensive and rewarding experience, marked by continuous involvement in development, design, and user experience (UX) enhancement. This project has allowed me to take on various roles, significantly contributing to the website's success and ongoing improvements.

Project Includes: Content Management System, Information Technology, Graphic Design, User Experience / UI, Testing

BLOOM | Branding Package

The primary goal of the BLOOM branding project was to establish a distinctive and appealing brand identity for a new line of natural and organic soaps. The brand aimed to make natural skincare fun and interesting, targeting a younger generation that values sustainability, wellness, and vibrant aesthetics focused on modern technology but with a vintage touch.

Project Includes: Graphic Design, Brand Identity, Logo Design, Packaging, Mockup


Every client is a long term valuable partner with evolving goals and needs.

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