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Boston OneWheel Jersey | 2022


Designing a jersey for the Boston OneWheel EUC (Electric Unicycle) racing team was an exciting project that combined elements of client discovery, logo creation, and the development of a jersey that met both safety and branding requirements. This project allowed for a creative and collaborative approach to deliver a final product that the team could proudly wear.

Client Discovery

The project began with a comprehensive client discovery phase. This involved:

Understanding the Team's Vision: Conducting in-depth discussions with team members to understand their vision, preferences, and the message they wanted to convey through their jersey.
Identifying Requirements: Gathering detailed information about their specific needs, including safety requirements for racing, aesthetic preferences, and branding elements.
Market Research: Analyzing current trends in sports jerseys, particularly for electric unicycle racing, to ensure the design would be both modern and functional.
Logo Design

Creating a distinctive logo was a critical part of the project. The process included:

Concept Development: Brainstorming and sketching various logo concepts that reflected the spirit and dynamism of the Boston OneWheel team.
Client Feedback: Presenting initial designs to the team and incorporating their feedback to refine the logo.
Finalization: Polishing the selected design to create a bold, memorable logo that would stand out on the jersey and other team materials.

Jersey Development

The development of the jersey focused on integrating safety features with aesthetic and branding elements. This involved:

Material Selection: Choosing high-quality, breathable, and durable materials that meet safety standards for racing, ensuring protection and comfort for the riders.
Design Integration: Incorporating the newly designed logo into the jersey layout, ensuring it was prominently displayed while maintaining a cohesive and visually appealing design.
Color Scheme: Selecting colors that represented the team’s identity and were highly visible during races, enhancing both style and safety.
Functional Features: Adding features such as reflective strips for visibility, ergonomic seams for comfort, and reinforced areas for added protection.
Collaboration and Iteration

Throughout the project, continuous collaboration with the team was essential:

Regular Updates: Keeping the team informed at each stage of the design process, from initial sketches to final prototypes.
Iterative Feedback: Soliciting and integrating feedback at multiple stages to ensure the final product met all expectations and requirements.
Final Approval: Conducting a final review session with the team to make any last adjustments before production.

The final jersey design successfully balanced safety, aesthetic appeal, and brand identity. It provided the Boston OneWheel EUC racing team with a professional and distinctive look that not only represented their dynamic spirit but also met all functional requirements for competitive racing. The project fostered a strong sense of team identity and pride, contributing to their overall performance and cohesion.

Graphic Design, Print Design, Merch

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