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Boston OneWheel Mobile Site

Engaging in the creation of a mockup for the Boston Onewheel Racing Group's website proved to be a captivating endeavor, blending design ingenuity with functional coherence. The primary objective was to encapsulate the distinctive essence of the racing group while elevating the website beyond mere informational utility.

Commencing the project, a comprehensive research phase unfolded to grasp the ethos of the racing group, understand the dynamics of their community, and discern the prevailing ambiance of Onewheel culture in Boston. This groundwork served as the guiding compass for the design, with the intention of not only disseminating information but also embodying a specific image reflective of the passion and camaraderie inherent in Onewheel racing.

The ensuing mockup materialized through a meticulous and iterative review process. Each facet of the design, from color schemes mirroring the energetic Onewheel racing ambiance to a layout fostering seamless navigation, underwent scrupulous scrutiny. This approach sought to refine the design iteratively, ensuring alignment with the racing group's distinctive personality.

Collaboration played a pivotal role in this creative journey. Consistent dialogue with members of the racing group facilitated the incorporation of their insights, preferences, and feedback into the design. The resultant mockup transcended being a mere website, evolving into a visual representation of the Boston Onewheel Racing Group's spirited identity.

Website Design, Brand Identity, UI, Graphic Design

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