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Justin Clancy | Sonia Flyer

Designing the promotional materials for Justin Clancy's December 2023 show at Sonia in Boston was a gritty and dynamic experience. The mission was clear—craft a grungy advertisement that not only captured attention but also beckoned people to the show. The challenge was to make it edgy, versatile, and visually intriguing for multiple formats.

To kick things off, I sat down with Justin for a deep-dive interview, understanding his goals and vision for the show. This initial step set the tone for the entire project, allowing me to align the design with his artistic direction.

Market research became a crucial companion in this journey. I delved into the music scene, Boston's vibe, and the grunge aesthetic to ensure the design resonated with the local audience while standing out in the clutter.

The creative process unfolded organically, with regular check-ins and reviews with Justin. Collaborative sessions ensured that the project stayed true to his vision, and his insights played a pivotal role in shaping the final outcome.

The resulting advertisement was more than just a flyer—it was a grungy visual symphony, tailor-made for the Boston show. The versatility of the design allowed it to be handed out in various formats, ensuring maximum impact. The grit and raw energy embedded in the visuals served as a magnetic force, drawing people into the raw, unapologetic vibe of Justin Clancy's performance at Sonia. It was a true collaboration, where design met music, creating an experience that went beyond the stage and seeped into the streets of Boston.

Graphic Design, Marketing, Illustration, Poster Design, Print Design, Merch, Typography

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