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Justin Clancy Shirt | Canadian Tour Merchandise

Diving into the design project for Justin Clancy's Canadian tour was a rollercoaster of creativity and collaboration. The goal was clear: create a merch piece that not only appealed to concertgoers but also stood out as something uniquely Justin.

Opting for a sleek aesthetic, I chose a bold contrast with white text and illustrations on a black background. The handcrafted illustration added a personal touch, capturing the essence of Justin's vibe and energy. Bringing it to life involved a mix of traditional and digital techniques – sketching by hand, followed by the meticulous process of vectorization and final layout creation.

Throughout the journey, collaboration was key. Regular check-ins with Justin ensured that each step resonated with his vision. It was more than just a design; it was a reflection of his style and identity. His insights and feedback guided the evolution of the project, making it a true partnership.

The end result was not just a piece of merch; it was a piece of Justin Clancy. A fusion of sleek design, handcrafted illustration, and personal input, the final product was something we were both proud to put his name on. It's more than just concert memorabilia; it's a wearable piece of the Canadian tour experience.

Graphic Design, Print Design, Merch, Typography, Illustration

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