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Pretty Proteins

This study was for an imaginary business conglomerate, Insecta International, Inc., a leading importer of live insects and insect products. In this scenario, the company has been exploring opportunities to expand their offerings to the U.S. consumer market. My task was to create a new product and brand identity for a market category of our choosing. We decided on "Pretty Proteins," a manufacturer specializing in protein and health products derived from insects and their byproducts. They create a range of items, including Protein Bars, Protein Shakes, and Protein Powder.

I took on the challenge of designing a combination mark (icon/symbol+logotype) for our new product's package. The goal was to convey the versatility and quality of Pretty Proteins' offerings, with a focus on the sustainable and organic aspect. It was crucial for the viewer to understand that Pretty Proteins is a brand that offers not only a healthier, cleaner and more sustainable option, but the fact that it was a cheaper alternative to conventional protein products while being environmentally friendly.
My process began with extensive research on the industry and competition to grasp market trends. I delved into the client's brand identity, examining their logo, colors, and visual elements. Armed with this knowledge, I started sketching ideas for the logo.

The final design was a visually pleasing logo encapsulating the essence of Pretty Proteins' creations. It featured a stylized representation of insect-related elements, emphasizing the sustainable and organic nature of the products. The logotype was bold and modern, aligning with the client's brand identity, and the color palette drew inspiration from the natural and earthy tones associated with sustainability.

In addition to the logo, I crafted packaging mockups, billboards, a website, and marketing materials consistent with the brand identity. The packaging was designed to be eye-catching and informative, showcasing detailed information about the products and their benefits. Billboards aimed to grab attention with bold images and slogans promoting the brand, while the website boasted a clean and modern design for user-friendliness. Marketing materials were engaging and informative, featuring regular updates and posts.

Overall, my study of Insecta International and the creation of the product line Pretty Proteins resulted in a visually appealing logo and a comprehensive brand identity that effectively showcased the quality and sustainability of their protein products derived from insects. I closely collaborated with the client, incorporating elements of sustainability and organic living into the design. The final outcome proved to be a cohesive and effective brand identity, contributing to the promotion of Pretty Proteins and attracting a broader audience seeking affordable and environmentally friendly protein alternatives.

Marketing, Poster Design, Brand Identity, Graphic Design, Print Design, Logo Design, Merch, Website Design, Typography

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